Importance of a Job in Communication

The Importance of a Job in Communication

With communication being such a major part of our lives, it is no wonder why so many people choose to obtain a degree with a communications major. Communication has always been an important part of our society and, these days, we can share things with one another much easier through the Internet and social media. The study of communications brings together so many different concepts such as philosophy, economics, psychology, sociology, and anthropology. Those who study for a communications major are likely to work in practically any field from research to drama.

All about Communications Majors

Although someone with a communications major can start a career in various industries, many of them go to work in fields that are related to their area of study. These positions typically include private sector careers but there are also job options available in other industries for those holding communications degrees.

During the year 2011, there were more than 80,000 bachelor’s degrees in communications awarded. Around 4.89% of those degrees were obtained by students who took classes focused on health, social studies, the arts, and psychology. The job outlook for communications majors is very good now and should only get better over time.

What Skills Are Developed by a Communications Major?

Since the career options for a communications major are so vast, students can develop a wide range of skills over time. Some of these include an understanding of human behaviour, the theoretical aspects of language, and the effects of communication within a given social group.

Communications majors often work on group projects together to enhance their ability to work as a team. This will be extremely beneficial to them when it comes time to start their careers. Students may study the different ways that we communicate with each other and learn the importance of persuasion and influence in communication. They may observe the fundamental methods of communication in marketing or focus on the power of the written and spoken word. This can all be beneficial when it comes time to apply for communication jobs in Malaysia.

When taking classes as communications majors, students will look at how communication changes situations, relationships, and occurrences. They may test rhetoric and arguments and apply their own reasoning skills to better understand our systems of communication.

What Is a Good Entry-Level Job for Communications Majors?

One good entry-level job for communications majors is a position in public relations. This would require a good understanding of the cultural climate and how to navigate it for a client. All PR experts work as middlemen between the client and the public. They control the flow of information such as speeches, interviews, press releases, and more to create a respectable public image for their client. It is important for someone going into a public relations job to study the various media channels and understand the subject at hand. It is also a good idea for them to improve their speaking and writing skills to provide them with more options as PR specialists. The median pay for this career is $57,550.