Make Your Jewellery Saleable Online With Extraordinary Returns with Few Good Snaps

If you are the ones who are keen on selling your high-crafted jewellery online, you should make them look precious and real with good quality photos. The better the photos posted online, the more virtual marketplace you will be able to cover through shares on social media. Here are few tips and tricks to make effective photos.

Setting up the shot

You can refer various websites to know how to get best shot with your handheld camera. Instead of opting for partially focused images, you should consider representing the entire piece of your jewellery. If it is pearl pendant, the lights and focus should be on entire pendant with reflection of the pearls on it for better visual appeal.

Get the correct background

The background should be appropriate so that the jewellery is focused and looks bold. You should opt for architectural or plain background as per the jewellery design.

Giving the light right

It is important that you have good color balance with proper lights and effects. For instance you should adjust the white balance of your camera if you mix tungsten with halogen.

Avoid sharp mask & watermarking

Sharpening is essential but exact graininess and correct blend is very important. The edges should be sharpened if they are slightly fuzzy but you should keep other elements in the natural state. Secondly you should not do watermarking as it will distort the jewellery and make them worthless for sharing on social media.

Getting even depth

It is better to shoot straight down and only shoot at an angle depending on type of jewellery. You can use faster shutter speed with better aperture to get a good depth to your jewellery photo.


You can use photo editor tools to tweak and crop the images – to reduce the file size. This has to be done carefully and should not spoil the image quality. If you wish you can use layering since it provides flexibility and gives focus.

Thus, giving the wow factor to your images will land you up with pretty jewellery and endorse your product with premium prices.