How Geopolitics Will Shape The Global Economy: Dr. George Friedman

In today’s globalized world, one country’s economy isn’t entirely independent from another. Thanks to modern technology and quicker means of transport, the spaces between nations are becoming smaller and smaller, with distinct economic relationships uniting two countries.

While this does sound like a good thing, it can create some rather problematic situations. What happens when one country removes itself from an economic relationship for purely political reasons? Or what will occur when one country’s labor force becomes dependent on immigrants from another, and suddenly the immigration process becomes far more difficult?

In either situation, or the many others that can arise due to the fickle nature of geopolitics, what happens next isn’t in the hands of the many. Rather, it is up to the leaders of countries to make such decisions, for better or worse. A handful of men and women are then arguably responsible for the economic fate of an entire country, and the rest of the population must bear the consequences of their national government’s decision.

But who can know how these political figures will react to the issues that will face the global economy, like energy shortages, a reinvented robotic labor force, and major technological advancements? Well, knowing exactly how a nation’s leaders will react is nigh impossible, but if there was one person who could know, it would be Dr. George Friedman.

An esteemed and experienced speaker on the global economy and geopolitics, Dr. George Friedman is the current Founder and Chairman of Geopolitical Futures, a publication centered on reporting and predicting major global events. Once the driving force behind Stratfor, a geopolitical intelligence consulting firm founded in 1996, Dr. Friedman now uses his expertise in geopolitics to inform workers and business leaders alike about the future of global economics.

Author of several New York Times bestselling books, including his most recent, Flashpoints: The Emerging Crisis in Europe, Dr. Friedman is one of the most respected and revered analysts of geopolitics. And fortunately, you don’t need to just read Dr. Friedman’s words off of page, you can also hear them for yourself through the Sweeney Agency.

Looking ahead to the innovations and calamities that will shape the world in the years to come, Dr. Friedman’s presentation zeroes in on these major events from the point of view of individual global leaders. By ascertaining the motivations and analyzing the personalities of political leaders, Dr. Friedman paints a detailed picture of what will become of the global economy. Dr. Friedman pays close attention to North America in his talk, paying great detail to the trials that will face the next American President.

Understanding the current and future geopolitical and economic climate of the world isn’t good just for worldly dinner party conversation, either. Having a grasp on what will happen to the global economy can help business leaders and executives, as they can look beyond their immediate surroundings and understand what business decisions will benefit them in the long run on a global scale.

To find out more about Dr. George Friedman and his unique understanding of geopolitics, head to his Sweeney Agency profile.

Featured image courtesy of: SIC2016